What Do We Do?

Technology Design

Designing a superyacht is a specialist task. What designers do, is take the vision of the owner and translate that into something tangible. The design should embody the vision and enable the desired experience. There are multiple specialist skills that go into designing something as complex as a superyacht. Interior and exterior design are the two that stand out immediately. However, modern superyachts need at least a third discipline to really make them shine. Technology Design.

This is where FWD Innovations comes in.

As technology designers, our job is to make sure that the technology based systems on board, specifically AV, IT and Lighting, also embody the vision of the owner and enhance the experience rather than detract from it, which is something that unfortunately happens all too often. We can talk for hours about why that happens, but we would rather just do something about it.

The best advice we can give any owner thinking about building or refitting a yacht is as follows:

  • Bring in domain specialists as early as possible in the process*. These specialists should not only have expert knowledge in their fields, but they need to be able to bridge the gap between vision and reality.
  • Work with them to define your desired experience, and then make sure that everything else is designed to support and enhance that experience.

*We consider ourselves to fit into this category of domain experts. We are not just tech savvy, we know how to select, apply and adapt technologies to optimize for experience, and we understand the yacht building process and the stakes and forces at play through years of experience.

Custom Creations

Every system is bespoke in its own right, but sometimes a client’s vision goes beyond what currently available systems an solutions can offer. At FWD Innovations, we love these kinds of challenges, because this is where we really gets to put our passion to work. By teaming up with talented engineers, hardware and software developers, industrial designers and other experts, we can develop solutions for a wide range of technological applications. From physical products to interactive audiovisual experiences, to mobile apps, and just about anything in between.

Two great examples are

  • Our collaboration with Vector Vision to provide a bespoke high end thermal imaging and night vision solution for a 90m yacht, and
  • Our collaboration with Voice-Q to create a state of the art multi-zone voice control solution with online and offline capabilities.

Whether for business, convenience, fun, or “just because,” if it ticks the boxes of innovation, creativity and technology, odds are we can assemble the right team to make it happen for you.

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