What Do We Do?

Expert Guidance

Deciding what you want from an AV, IT, Lighting, Security or Automation system is easier said than done. And even if you know exactly what you want, who do you get to execute on that, and how do you know they will do a good job?

Fortunately there are many professional companies capable of contributing to the successful outcome of the project. Unfortunately, in this industry, bold promises can be found around every corner, and it can be very hard to see the forest for the trees. Even figuring out where or how to start is can be a daunting challenge.

  • Do you pick a big name to do it all or do you select multiple specialists to work side by side?
  • Who should be responsible for what?
  • How are the proposals going to be evaluated?
  • Who has a say in the selection of the subcontractors and why?
  • What should be standard and what should be custom?
  • Where should you be spending your money to get the best out of the system?
  • How do you ensure that the systems are future proof?
  • Who will be checking to make sure things are going as they should be during the execution of the project?

These are just a few questions that really should be asked on every project, and not just for the systems that we deal with at FWD Innovations. If you are already partway into your project and nobody has put these questions on the table, you should probably stop and ask them yourself. If they can all be answered clearly and concisely, then congratulations…. you probably have a better than average team in place. If you are answered by blank stares or uhms and aahs, you should probably be getting worried. 

At FWD Innovations we do not only handle and answer all such questions for you transparently, we make sure that your needs and desires with regard to these systems are truly understood and then adequately translated into specifications, and finally into working systems.

We make a point of only taking on as many clients as we can handle without sacrificing our service level and quality, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands with us.

Custom Creations

Every system is bespoke in its own right, but sometimes a client’s vision goes beyond what currently available systems an solutions can offer. At FWD Innovations, we love these kinds of challenges, because this is where we really gets to put our passion to work. By teaming up with talented engineers, hardware and software developers, industrial designers and other experts, we can develop solutions for a wide range of technological applications. From physical products to interactive audiovisual experiences, to mobile apps, and just about anything in between.

Two great examples are

  • Our collaboration with Vector Vision to provide a bespoke high end thermal imaging and night vision solution for a 90m yacht, and
  • Our collaboration with Nautical-Q to create a state of the art multi-zone voice control solution with online and offline capabilites.

Whether for business, convenience, fun, or “just because,” if it ticks the boxes of innovation, creativity and technology, odds are we can assemble the right team to make it happen for you.

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