Our Philosophy


We see ourselves as enablers and facilitators. Superyacht owners don’t have much time to figure out what they want and how to make it happen. This is where a trusted partner such as FWD Innovations can make all the difference.

Our job is to know

  • how get to the bottom of our clients’ needs
  • how to tailor our approach to align with those needs
  • how to make sure expectations are met or exceeded
  • how to do our job without drawing too much attention to ourselves

We do not presume that our clients are average, hence we do not presume that one approach will suit them all, nor do we waste time worrying about which mold we want to fit into. Instead we prefer to spend our time learning and doing what works best for our clients. We believe that doing all of the above with diligence, integrity and professionalism are absolutely key to being successful.


What Kind Of Company Are We?

We focus on what the client needs and what we can do to help them achieve their goals. How we get from concept to the final result varies from project to project, and we therefore don’t t see added value in positioning ourselves in a pre-defined category.


Objective and Impartial?

We certainly like to see ourselves as as objective thinkers. We try to assess things carefully and from multiple angles, and will always strive to provide fair and honest advice.

Does that mean we are impartial?

No, nor do we claim to be. Everybody has preferences about certain things. Whether due to relationships or past experiences, whatever the case may be, no-one is totally impartial.

FWD Innovations absolutely has preferred partners and products, we will also work with certain brands and will promote certain products and services that we believe to be worthwhile. However,  we strongly feel that our preferences should not be imposed on our customers. We prefer to have all cards on the table and keep things open and transparent. 

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