About Us

The founding members of FWD have been at the forefront of innovation in the superyacht industry for many years.


is one of the world’s leading superyacht builders. Oceanco has managed to achieve this position, despite its relatively youthful age, by consistently building high quality and innovative yachts, always pushing the envelope and breaking new ground. Take Alfa Nero with it’s revolutionary converting pool/helideck; Aquijo – the worlds largest high performance ketch; Equanimity, the world’s first PYC yacht; just a few examples of Oceanco’s pedigree of innovation. Oceanco brings this spirit of innovation and excellence, along with its experience, network and resources to FWD Innovations.

Edwin Edelenbos

is a familiar name to many in the superyacht AV/IT industry. With over a decade of experience at the highest level of technology integration as well as a passion for innovation, Edwin will use his expertise and drive to actively develop the company, and spearhead the team.
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