I’ll be sure to come back to the topic of HDMI over IP later, and indeed, there has been a massive push at InfoComm for IP based video distribution, but another big take-away from this year’s show is direct emission LED display technology. 

LED technology is just getting better every year, and this year was no exception. LED display manufacturers including Leyard, Silicon Core and DeepSky are showing sub 1mm pixel pitch screens, really impressive stuff. Samsung also has an interesting new LED product on display that seems to be pretty close to the 1mm mark as well.

When all is said and done though, the highlight of this year’s show was absolutely Sony’s Crystal LED Integrated System (CLEDIS) modular video-wall product, being marketed as “Canvas”.

There are two reasons I’m sharing this.

  1. It’s the most impressive video wall I’ve ever seen, truly spectacular. I’m not talking about its size, I’ve seen LED video walls much larger than this… even at this show for that matter, but nothing comes close to the quality of this screen. It just looks like a massive TV screen, and a good one at that! Even from up close. You have to look very carefully to see the individual modules, and even if you can spot them, they do not interfere with the picture at all (the explanation for this is provided in the video below).
  2. It’s an absolute game changer. If Sony can pull off competitive pricing with this product, rear projection modules and all other large format, high resolution screens will get a serious run for their money. Anything over 100″ (not counting projection systems) would probably be better off using this technology, for a number of reasons.

Here is a great explanation of the product courtesy of RAVE Publications:


Well done Sony!


Originally published on by Edwin Edelenbos on LinkedIn.

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